Hiring policy

Hiring Policy
All Cellectis employees have one thing in common: their drive to help build a worldwide industry leader. Cellectis succeeds in combining a variety of interrelated business lines, diverse employee profiles, and convergent skill sets that together form a single enterprise dedicated to scientific excellence.   
Many of our employees have been with us for years, some ever since the company was founded. Their ingenuity, hard work, team spirit, and dedication to a set of common goals are what has enabled Cellectis to make major breakthroughs in biotechnology and to maintain its status as a forerunner in the industry.
It goes without saying that Cellectis’ growth and performance are a direct result of the people who work here.

Cellectis employees are:

  • at the forefront of innovation in a fascinating industry  
  • willing to test their own limits
  • eager to take on new job responsibilities and professional challenges 
  • open to new opportunities, in-house and abroad 
  • able to learn new personal and professional skills via our continuing education programs  
  • active participants in building and sharing a strong set of corporate values 

If this sounds like a good fit for you, perhaps you should join us!